Let’s just call this the welcome page

I’ve always liked the idea of having a blog.There are a lots of reasons why I should not have a blog and it includes reasons like:

I love to write but I’m not really that good of a writer.

I lack consistency.I am the least consistent person there is.

I won’t say I’m lazy since I can still get myself up for classes at 8 am and not miss one class throughout the whole semester(just saying) but I CAN be lazy maybe most of the time

I’ve got a problem with putting things in action.I want to but I have no idea why I don’t.All talk no action.That’s me.

and finally I lose interest in things fast so I would be surprised if I keep writing this after a year.

…..but also I have a lot of reasons why I should have a blog (well not a lot ) but the reasons why I feel I should not have a blog are the reasons why I believe I should.Just because I don’t have the whole might to own a blog does not mean I shouldn’t like I mean I want to have a blog so I should have one right???

No matter how awful it might turn out to be.I just decided to put my thought out there and boom!! a blog has been born.My own baby with its own name and with little or no effort.

If you happen to shockingly stumble across this blog,I just want to say that I am really humble right now and quite embarrassed knowing you are reading my thoughts and words all written down .Please excuse my mistakes and bad writing .I mostly write the way I talk(maybe not).I understand it might not be of your taste and that’s alright.I am still honored to have you here even though you go don’t past the front page(that would be disappointing).

Hey! who knows, maybe all the reads might be worth the time right??